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Birds’ Nest & Why They’re So Expensive

Edible bird’s nest of choice Swiftlets species are a prime main ingredient for the world renown Birds’ Nest Soup. Edible birds nest can be found in different forms of food and drinks usually being their additives. Costing as much as $4, 500 per pound, there ought to be some proof behind this golden natural resource.
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Made from the saliva of Swiftlets, cave-dwelling birds, that build their nest high up in the creases and cracks of cave walls. These nests bring a tremendous harvesting risk due to height involved and inaccessibility of these caves for modern equipment.
Located in deep jungles and dense vegetation, harvesters bring wooden poles in pieces which are assembled on site to form a long climbing staff that anchors to the roof of the cave.
The slippery cave surfaces are one thing but climbing up into the darkness on a makeshift pole while birds and bats fly past in and around you is a risk that is worth taking for these harvesters since decades ago.

Birds’ Nest & Its Asian Heritage

Chinese researchers cannot yet explain the healing powers attributed to birds’ nest but being the pioneering consumer in birds’ nest, China has claimed that it detoxifies the body and is a source of nutrients that contribute to better skin health.
It has also been linked to helping the human immune system cope with invasive bacteria or viruses. The health of the lungs is seen to benefit from the consumption of this rare delicacy too.
Bird's Nest in Malaysia - Little Gifts
Birds nest from Borneo have been said to be brought back to China by the Yuan Dynasty Voyagers earlier in the century.
It was tried and tested by various cooks and the method that remains till this day is the process in which the nest is cleaned and added to a soup with traditional herbs.
The recipe varies according to tradition but the soup has always been served fresh and hot among various families and early clans.
Till this day, Birds’ Nest Soup is still highly regarded as a traditional delicacy with many different health benefits among the Asian community.
It has even gotten the attention of Westerners as their curiosity peaks even more as to the wonders of the natural soup made from the saliva of Swiftlets.

Tips For Consuming Birds’ Nest

Birds nest are usually used in making Birds’ Nest Soup. There are particular do’s and don’ts when making the soup that everyone should know of. Some of which are of traditional practice and some of which belong to more logical and scientific sense of reasoning.

Bird's Nest in Malaysia - Little Gifts

1. Choose the best birds nest products which are cleaned naturally by hand and are not involved in any chemical bleaching process that plague birds’ nest which can be found on the black market.
2. Cleanse the nest under running tap water and cut it into thin slices before adding them to your soup of choice.
3. Add natural sweeteners such as honey or brown sugar to further enhance the taste of your soup and also avoid using processed sugars.
4. Do not add the birds’ nest into boiling water as the high temperature would destroy the natural bonds and nutrients of the nest.
You can find more tips and benefits in the article of The 9 Scientific Health Benefits of Birds’ Nest by

More Benefits Of Nature’s Treasure

Consumed on an empty stomach has been the best way of having birds’ nest, this tradition has been passed down in many families throughout the years. It is said to have been better for the body to absorb the nutrients of the nests when the stomach is empty.
Bird's Nest in Malaysia - Little Gifts
Red birds’ nest, contrary to popular belief, does not get its color from the blood of Swiftlets but it does get its color from oxidation and the saturation of minerals being absorbed from the environment due to continuous exposure.
This is one of the more premium selections of birds’ nest being sold on the market today and it can sometimes even be five times the price of white bird’s nest! Can you imagine that?

Birds’ nest has been used as a supplement for privileged children. The proteins, amino acids, and mineral concentration help prevent colds and strengthens the immune system to help the children be resistant to diseases and environmental factors.

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The Swiftlets Of Borneo

Aerodramus swiftlets can be found all over Borneo building their nests in caves such as the Niah Caves and Mulu Caves in Sarawak, Malaysia.
These birds are a protected species because of their great economic value to the locals.
Economic value is one thing but tracking through deep tropical rain forests to get to the nest of these birds can be a hazardous trip.
The jungles of Borneo are plagued with venomous snakes such as the King Cobra and Mosquitoes potentially carrying the Malaria Virus.
Bird's Nest in Malaysia - Little Gifts
These Swiftlets are fond of dark shelters and areas with a plentiful insect population such as flat grounds nearby rivers.
The locals have even been making man-made structures as a habitat away from the jungle in which these Swiftlets thrive.
Exploiting the nature of the birds, businessmen make these structures in clearings next to rivers to be the best natural housing platforms for the birds to come in and out of whenever they like.
These practices help keep the production of birds nest in full flow as the demand keeps rising nationwide.
One of the best ways to keep the bird coming is to put up a sound system that constantly outputs the mating calls of the bird through speakers. This helps encourage the habitation of Swiftlets in new structures.
Some of the locals have also resorted to using shop lots as a place to let the Swiftlets breed. You’ll be able to see this in small townships across Borneo on both the Malaysian and Indonesian sides of the island.

Bird’s Nest Products We Have

Yan Siang Birds’ Nest is a local product of birds’ nest that originates from Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia and their nests are hand-picked and clean in a laboratory workstation by keen-eyed staff
Bird's Nest in Malaysia - Little Gifts
No chemical process is involved in the manufacturing of the products and it comes in various dried forms such as their biscuit and strip pieces. They also come in ready-made drinks. Check out our store for more bird nests products, graded and sorted accordingly at
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